Strategic plan
By planning together, we ensure the vitality and capabilities of our agency.
In 2019, Catulpa Community Support Services renewed its Strategic Planning Process and developed the Strategic Plan 2019-2023. It is based on our Mission, Vision and Values as an agency and is built on the pillars of Access, Inclusion and Self-Advocacy.

Our 2019-23 Strategic Plan Priorities Are

The people with special or unique needs served by Catulpa will have increased access to the services they require.
The people with special or unique needs served by Catulpa will be included in the community, social and recreational activities of their choice.
The people with special or unique needs served by Catulpa will engage in self-advocacy related to achieving their personal needs and priorities.

Our 2019-23 Strategic Plan Goals Are:

Catulpa Community Support Services has developed goals for each of the Strategic Plan priorities. Measurable goals will be in place to guide the organization’s staff and to enable the Board to monitor organizational performance.
  • Align Catulpa services and staffing to address gaps
  • Align staff compensation to match with the increasing complexity of necessary skill sets
  • Develop early intervention collaboration pathways internally and externally
  • Implement coaching, performance and training model
  • Build capacity within community for recreational opportunities
  • Explore alternative ways to provide social opportunities and information about community
  • Develop a culture of collaboration and knowledge internally and externally
  • Develop stakeholder engagement strategy to address service and access gaps
  • Embed self-advocacy skills as a fundamental framework for all programs
  • Build on self-advocacy tools to provide realistic examples and access
  • Develop self-advocacy training and engagement process
  • Develop stakeholder engagement strategy to address self-advocacy needs and priorities

Our 2019-23 Strategic Plan Next Steps Are:

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