Privacy Policy

Catulpa Community Support Services recognizes the right to privacy, accuracy and the security of personal information collected from the people it serves, or from those acting on their behalf. We are required to follow the privacy rules under the Child Youth and Family Services Act, 2017 (CYFSA) and the Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act, 2008.  Our privacy practices are also based on the Canadian Standards Association Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information.

This privacy statement includes:
• The type of personal information collected by Catulpa;
• Giving and types of consent;
• Management of the personal information collected;
• Procedure for changes/inquiries, withdrawal of consent or complaint; and,
• Contact information.
Catulpa Community Support Services Privacy Statement for
Persons and Families Served
Your have the right to privacy, accuracy and the secure keeping of your personal information
when collected by Catulpa Community Support Services
Catulpa CSS only collects the information we need to provide you with the best services for you. We may also get information from other agencies or service providers with your permission.
We will tell you how we will collect and and use your information. For example - the development of your service plan, legal requirements, audits or referrals to other agencies for you.
The information we collect can include things such as your date of birth, your reason for referral and personal and family history, among other things, depending on your service needs.
giving your consent to share
Your information will be kept private except when you consent that it can be shared, or the law says it must be shared. You may change consent at any time.
Express Consent is when we ask you to sign a form for your consent to share.
The Consent Form allows us to share with other professionals involved with you.
Implied Consent happens when you agree to be referred to another service. Your information will be given to those providing you that service.
To review or correct your information, contact the Catulpa Privacy Officer in writing. You will receive an answer within 30 days.
To make a complaint about how your information has been handled, contact the Catulpa Privacy Officer in writing. You will be told the investigation result.
Catulpa Privacy Officer:
Lesley Watts
Catulpa Community Support Services
165 Ferris lane, Barrie ON L4M 2Y1
Learn more about your privacy here.
Catulpa Community Support Services Privacy Officers
Vicky Schenk
165 Ferris Lane Barrie, ON L4M 2Y1
Kim Latour
165 Ferris Lane Barrie, ON L4M 2Y1
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