Each generous donation is very meaningful to Catulpa and supports our agency in improving the lives of those within our support systems, by enabling us to finance their unmet needs.

Funds Have Been Used For

To date, the Margaret Gallow Unmet Client Needs Fund has been able to support individuals and families in many different capacities. Some examples include:

Summer Camp For Children
  • The Margaret Gallow Unmet Client Needs Fund is often used within Children’s Programs to assist parents in sending their children and youth to camp. The cost is prohibitive for many and without assistance, attending a summer camp would not be possible. Every child should have an opportunity to enjoy their summer and participate in community programming.

Accommodation Support
  • A couple, both diagnosed with a developmental disability, learned their apartment had bed bugs, and as a result, the landlord of the building removed all furniture believed infected. In the weeks that followed, the couple’s Case Manager came to visit and discovered the couple had been sleeping on fold-up chairs in their living room, as they had little money to replace their
furniture and were embarrassed to ask for assistance. The Margaret Gallow Unmet Client Needs Fund provided them with a bed, sheets, pillows, a comforter, some small furniture, and bed bug prevention to allow them the dignity they deserved in their own home.

  • The Fund has also been used to assist in paying for medication not covered by Trillium/ODSP benefits. Many families or individuals would go without necessary medication if it were not covered. The Fund is a positive way to make sure individuals can stay healthy.

Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $10.00 or more. Please note that no credit card information is shared with Catulpa Community Support Services when you provide a donation through this site.

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