Who We Are
Catulpa Community Support Services is a FOCUS-accredited social services agency providing community supports to children, youth, adults, and families with special or unique needs.
Our Mission:
Improving the lives of people with special or unique needs by engaging and advocating for essential community services and supports.
Our Vision:
Our vision for the future encompasses a community where the people we serve are recognized and valued as contributing members of their community and are fully integrated into the activities of their communities. They have a variety of meaningful relationships, hopes, and dreams for the future.
Our Values:
These values define the underlying principles which guide our organization in accomplishing our mission.
  • We acknowledge the values and diversity of people who participate in our service.
  • We believe everyone is entitled to a non-abusive, safe environment.
  • We respect a client’s right to confidentiality.
  • We respect the informed decisions of people who participate in our services. We respect their right to choose and decide.
  • We believe in providing a range of services which are responsive and accountable to the community.
  • We acknowledge ethnic, economic, and cultural differences in our communities.
  • We support social growth, development, and advocacy.
  • We build our services on the strengths and uniqueness of each client.
  • We provide services based on the belief that change is possible.
  • We work in partnership with clients to incorporate their experiences and direction into program planning.
  • We deliver services in a collaborative and coordinated manner with our community partners.
Our History
Originally named Tamarac Treatment Centre and located in Orillia, Ontario. The agency begins providing children’s mental health services and adult protective services. Organization pilots respite care for children.
Becomes Catulpa Tamarac Child and Family Services and expands to Barrie. Daycare school programs integrated into community schools. Outpatient child and family guidance clinic, case management, and advocacy services added.
Agency amalgamates mental health programs with those for persons with developmental disabilities. Integrated early intervention program launched within the regular preschool.
1993- 99
Catulpa Tamarac became the flow through agency for the new “Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) of Simcoe County” which was funded by Health Canada. Catulpa was the local Orillia site sponsor for the project and acted as flow-through for the 5 other sites across the county.
Children's mental health services amalgamated within Simcoe County. The agency name changes to Catulpa Community Support Services and becomes host agency for local Complex Special Needs Process Model. Catulpa expanded to include offices in Alliston, Collingwood, Midland, and Orillia – with the head office being in Barrie.
2009- 17
The Passport to Community Living Program (Passport) was established and Catulpa became the designated Passport delivery agent for Simcoe County. Catulpa expanded its role within the Transitional Age Youth Coordination Program, a service for young adults leaving the child welfare system and moving to adult services, and began providing case management support to children and families with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder under the Ontario Autism Program.
2018 - 22
Catulpa is part of the York Simcoe Autism Network (YSAN) to ensure services and support are what families need. Catulpa’s FFS services were launched in April 2021. 
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Catulpa Today
Celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2023, Catulpa Community Support Services continues to lead and evolve. We are proud to be a uniquely positioned case management agency with a life-spanning spectrum of programs and services that extend to children, youth, adults, and families with special or unique needs.
Individuals & Families Served by the Agency
The Rights of Persons Served
Everyone has basic rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights/Convention on the Rights of the Child/Convention on Rights of People with Disabilities; the Child and Youth Charter of the Simcoe County Child, Youth, and Family Coalition.

These rights protect you from discrimination due to:
  • Ancestry
  • Colour, race
  • Age
  • Citizenship
  • Language
  • Disability (physical, developmental, mental health)
  • Sex (including pregnancy and breastfeeding)
  • Ethnic origin
  • Place of origin
  • Culture, creed
  • Family or Marital status
  • Gender identity, expression
  • Receipt of public assistance
  • Record of offences
  • Sexual orientation
As a person served by Catulpa Community Support Services, we support and promote these rights.
We also ensure you have the right:
  • To be treated with respect and provided with services that reflect your needs
  • To be safe and free from any type of abuse
  • To be supported as you work towards your own chosen goals
To decide which services you want, based on:
  • Information is given to you in the way you want it
  • Hearing about what programs and services are available to you
  • Learning how the Catulpa staff may be able to help you
  • Knowing you can refuse services at any time.
To know the information in your record:
  • Can be seen by you
  • Is correct and private
  • Can only be shared with the people you choose, unless required by law
  • Can be changed if it is not correct
To know how you can give good or bad feedback at any time:
  • And receive a timely answer
  • And understand your services will not be harmed if you do so
Every person has a basic right to be treated fairly.
Catulpa Community Support Services also believes you have the rights below.
Learn more about your rights here.
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